Christening Venue Hire


Finding an intimate place for your occasion


There are special moments in the lives of our loved ones that are worth remembering, and a christening is one of those. Like any special occasion, the place you choose is essential to make the whole memory more vivid and converting the time spent into an excellent experience that you will treasure. Café Gusto offers the best christening venue for hire in this area, being an intimate and visually appealing place where a private christening can be completed successfully with all the guests feeling great as part of such a special occasion.


A perfect venue for your family to come together!


Café Gusto stands out as the right christening venue for hire by being a beautiful place that invites people to enjoy a wonderful time with relatives and friends, trying delicious coffee and drinks with tasty food while celebrating this important moment. We have a range of different culinary options to delight your guests’ palates and make sure they have a very enjoyable time in our premises. We are regarded as a well-reputed christening venue for hire because we always offer customer service that is way beyond our clients’ expectations, ensuring every single detail is in the right place at the right time.


One of the best venues for your family functions


Do not hesitate to speak to us today if you want to know more about Café Gusto and the details that make us the best value offer when it comes to a christening venue for hire that is up to your standards. We also prepare special menus attaching to your guests’ dietary restrictions and likes. We have vegetarian meals and other tasty options so you no longer have to worry about not finding the right option for you or your guests.

This is Café Gusto, more than a luxurious and visually appealing christening venue for hire where you will live the best of experiences. Call us today for more information.